The official Wild Wild West website, hosted on the Warner Bros. server, is a masterful work of modern website design. The initial page presents you with a quandary: to push the large, enticing button before you, or to not push the large, enticing button before you. Should you choose the latter, nothing will happen, leaving you to forever wonder the implications of your lack of participation. However, should you choose the former, a wild wild world of possibilities is opened before you.

Before your eyes, a new, separate window is opened. Although this window may be small in size, what it lacks in resolution it more than makes up for in important information about Wild Wild West. I could go into more detail about what this information is, but I believe it would be more in the wild spirit of Wild Wild West to let you go forth and discover it yourself.
Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 2.31.34 AM

The initial quandary.